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Cychoz Website would like to announce that we moved into a new website: Just CLICK this link -> (CychozStudio) This new website will continue what the previous website started. The only difference is we are now focus on film and animation whether its for educational or for entertainment. Lots of improvement/development happen here, Advance Visual and Sound Effects Softwares (Adobe After Effects, Autodesk 3D max, Sonic Foundry, Music Mix, Etc) with enormous stocks of resources and related plugins.
We give thanks and a deep appreciation to all the members who participated in this website. So we invite you to visit our present website. Just click the following link:

Once again, CychozWebsite: Never stop exploring, discovering, and learning new things here in our world yet don't just keep the knowledge, share it with other people. Always remember "Cychoz Website" means "Knowledge Sharing".


This is Cychoz, Signing off...




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